"CoSense® ETCOc Monitor: Revolutionizing Jaundice Management with SENSALYZE Technology"

The CoSense® ETCOc monitor powered by SENSALYZE™ technology is now available!

The NEW Gold Standard for diagnosing and quantifying hemolysis and the production of bilirubin for jaundice management.

  • A simple, non-invasive breath test.
  • Performed at the bedside.
  • Immediate results.
  • Supports AAP best practice.
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CoSense® ETCOc monitor: Gold Standard for Jaundice

          management. Quick bedside breath test, instant results, AAP


"CoSense® ETCOc Testing: Transformative Impact on Clinical Outcomes in Neonatal Care"

The newborn is tested through the endogenous carbon monoxide (ETCOc) CoSense®

The use of CoSense® ETCOc testing is proven to improve clinical outcomes:

  • Prevent readmissions and separation from moms and breastfeeding.
  • Decrease blood tests by 50%, including heel sticks.
  • Decrease unnecessary phototherapy.
  • Decrease patient length of stay.
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With CoSense® ETCOc monitor powered by SENSALYZE technology, non-invasive measurement of ETCOc evaluates hemolytic status in less than five minutes in 3 easy steps:

Step 1
Step 1. Connect the Precision Sampling Set cannula to the CoSense® monitor and place the nosepiece of the cannula into one nostril.
Step 2
Step 2. Start the CoSense® ETCOc test, sample collected in >30 seconds. Remove Sampling Set.
Step 3
Step 3. Results are available in 3-4 minutes.
The FDA-cleared CoSense® monitor is easy to use with one-click set-up and requires no daily calibration.

US Indication for Use: The CoSense® ETCOc Monitor is indicated for the monitoring of carbon monoxide from endogenous sources (including hemolysis) and exogenous sources (including CO poisoning and smoke inhalation) in exhaled breath. The end tidal carbon monoxide level can be used for the monitoring of carbon monoxide in medical conditions in which the rate of hemolysis may be relevant.

"CoSense®: Unrivaled ETCOc Detection for Swift, Family-Centric Newborn Monitoring."

CoSense® is the ONLY test available for accurate detection of ETCOc in newborns.

The portable CoSense® monitor uses Sensalyze™ technology for non-invasive rapid and accurate measurement of carbon monoxide in the exhaled breath of newborns. A breath sample is painlessly collected and analyzed in less than 5 minutes with no interruption to family bonding.

"CoSense®: A Decade of Research Paves the Way for Universal Newborn Monitoring and Targeted Jaundice Treatment."

After 10 years of clinical study, CoSense® is NOW available for use on all babies.

For more than a decade, peer-reviewed research has validated the ability of the CoSense® ETCOc monitor to detect and measure hemolysis in newborns to guide effective jaundice treatment.

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